Become a citizen of the global world.
Our comprehensive interdisciplinary program offers a broad view of comparative international studies.

Why choose this major?

The Comparative International Studies major is an unique program that combines the study of two world regions (identified as a primary and a secondary area of focus) with:

Foreign Language - Knowing one or more foreign language is essential in order to effectively understand another culture, therefore, all of our majors are required to complete a minor in a foreign language.

Study Abroad - All students are required to participate in an international experience amounting to a minimum of three weeks spent abroad and completing a minimum of three units of study abroad.

Research - All students must complete a culminating senior project in their final year.

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What can I do with this major?

A major in international studies helps students develop skills that are valued by employers, that include analytical thinking, research, writing, problem solving, and knowledge of other cultures and languages.

Those completing the major will be prepared to meet the challenges of the new era of globalization, including careers in local, state, and national government, in national and international non-profit organizations such as social service providers, cultural organizations, or international development agencies, and in areas such as international education, commerce, tourism, and communications.

Majors will also be prepared to pursue graduate level education in liberal arts and sciences, in regional studies, or in a particular discipline within the areas in the humanities and social sciences.

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A Message from the Director

Dr. Abman

Hello, I am Prof. Abman. I am the director and undergraduate advisor for Comparative and International Studies (CINTS). I also teach for the History department and the Weber Honors College at SDSU. I advise CINTS students on the required coursework, study abroad requirements and other areas related to the major. I teach the capstone course, CINTS 400 where I help CINTS seniors to reflect on their study abroad and SDSU experiences, assist them in improving their professional portfolios, and mentor them through the transition period to the post-graduation life. What I love the most about the program is the opportunity it provides students to take classes from across disciplines. Through an inter-disciplinary approach, the major helps students obtain necessary skills, namely research, critical thinking, and language skills to successfully prepare them for jobs in our ever-changing global world. Please contact me if you have any questions about the program.

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